Author Jessica Calic of Can I Have Pancakes for Breakfast

Jessica Calic

A little more about me …  I am from a small town in Northern Ontario, known as Sault Ste. Marie or ‘the Soo’.  I live here with my husband Paul and my two beautiful babies Jack and Emmy.  They are my entire reason for creating my children’s book and my blog, so you’ll hear more about them as you follow along on our journey.

Initially, I went away to University at Wilfrid Laurier, in Waterloo, Ontario, I studied Communications and received my bachelor’s degree.  After school, I decided to move back home to the Soo (I am and always have been a homebody). I started working in event planning. I organized and planned a few carnivals and festivals, and while I enjoyed it a lot, I was only really finding contract work and there just wasn’t a lot of opportunities especially in the Soo for this type of work.  I decided to get my certificate in Human Resources Management online through Humber College (based out of Toronto, Ontario), and the rest is basically history. I received my first HR job as I was still finishing up my diploma and have worked in the Human Resources field ever since.

Flash forward to today – I have been on maternity leave twice in the last 4 years and I decided I would take my hobby and love of writing and just follow my dreams.

It was not an easy decision to move ahead with this. As someone who suffers from anxiety in all forms, I was (and still am) super worried about what people would think. I am a classic over-thinker and over-analyzer and sometimes live in fear of judgement from others. My kids (Jack + Emmy) are obviously a huge part of why I decided to do this. As every parent does, I want them to know that they can accomplish big goals and dreams and to not be afraid of what others think, but I needed to be that example for them and, in all honesty, to prove to myself that I could do this… so instead of letting fear and anxiety get in the way, I decided to take a risk and go for it…. and I hope you love it as much as I do!

Children's book illustration Can I Have Pancakes for Breakfast_ by Jessica Calic Illustrated by Jupiter's Muse